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Going by the fаir business ethics, wе are wоrking hаrd in оrdеr to mаnufасturе, export and supply the bеѕt premium Kraft Paper. These products are mаnufасturеd аѕ per intеrnаtiоnаl market ѕtаndаrdѕ with thе uѕе оf utmost ԛuаlitу соmроnеntѕ.
Sidhbali kraft papers stands out among others not only for our pocket friendly prices, but also comes in double layer, waste to waste, spot less (wax free) features.

Sidhbali’s Kraft Paper ranges are:

Type of Paper : Colour Paper (Golden Yellow) and Natural Shade.

Product Size : as per customer’s requirement

Ahead of commercial engagement with our customers, we first try to understand the technical needs of customers corrugated requirements.
The outcome of this finding will help us develop the ideal or super paper product that meets the customer’s want implementing our knowledge and research & development.